A creature of both Native American legend and modern mystery, the Sea-Wolf is a massive, marine creature. Also known as the Wasgo or the Sisiutl, the Sea-Dog is found on the Western coast of Alaska, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

The Sea-Wolf is described as large and long, with a massive head. It is known to chase, capture and devour whales. The body is serpentine, and only has front limbs. These limbs are frequently described clawed. The Sea-Wolf's head has a horn or crest, and a doglike muzzle.


The Sea-Wolf is generally thought to be some from of surviving zeuglodon (prehistoric, serpentine whales). Less popular theories suggest a form of plesiosaur or pliosaur specimen. The Sea-Wolf could be related to Cadborosaurus willsi, but the descriptions are too different for them to be the same creature.

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