The Runan-shah (meaning "man of the sea", or "sovereign of waters and rivers"), otherwise known as Casper, is a modern day merman report. Seen in the Caspian Sea, reports were slim to none until offshore oil production operations had intensified in the Caspian, putting more people into the ocean for various reasons.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

All the eyewitness accounts provide a similar description of the marine humanoids. The Runan-shah's height is 165-168 cm, they have strong builds, protruding ctenoid stomachs, pointed feet and four webbed fingers on either of hand. The skin is of moonlight color. The hair on their heads looks black and green. Their arms and legs are shorter and heavier than those of a medium-built person. Apart from their fingernails, they have nails growing on the tip of their aquiline nose that look like a dolphin's beak. No information as to the Runan-shah's ears. Their eyes are large and orbicular. The mouth of the creatures are fairly large, their upper jaws are prognathic and their lower lip flows smoothly into the neck, and they don't have chin. Fish seem to react strangely when a Runan-shah approaches


In a supernatural or spiritual veins, many natives to Iran, Azerbajin and other neighboring countries where the Runan-shah has been seen say they are protectors of the oceans. No plausible scientific explanations exist.