An artist's depiction


An alleged photo, taken in 1992

The Mokele-mbembe, from the country of Congo in Africa, resembles a small, water-dwelling dinosaur. The only evidence supporting its existence are footprints. Like the Ngoubou, it has been seen by the natives to the region (pygmies, in this case). The pygmies once actually killed and ate a Mokele-mbembe, and all who ate it soon perished.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

The Mokele-mbembe looks like a small sauropod dinosaur. When showed images of animals, pygmies living in the are it has been seen point out Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus and call them "Mokele-mbembe", without failure. It lives in both land and water, particularly swamps.


Aside from a hoax, the Mokele-mbembe is thought to be a living sauropod, evolved to amphibious life. Others have proposed the idea of some form of plesiosaur.