The Leelanau is a now rare cryptid from Lake Leelanau, Michigan. Almost no sightings exist past the early 20th century, leading many to believe it is now extinct. As Lake Leelanau is dammed, and nearly no sightings existed before the dam, experts believe several creatures were trapped in the dammed portion. These were what people saw, but there wasn't enogh to create a new breeding population in the lake, so this group died.

Appearance & Description Edit

While the Leelanau has the basic body shape of a brown plesiosaur, there are some differences. The key difference is the Leelanau's head. It is covered in brown, stick-like protuberances, making the creature's head look like a log. Several sightings involve people mistaking this creature for a log or tree.

Theories/Explanations Edit

The Leelanau is thought to be a freshwater plesiosaur, or a large turtle. No matter what theory experts support, most think they're extinct.

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