In the summer heat of 2001, 47-year old Brenda McCormack had plunged into Lake Erie for a refreshing retreat. Soon, a large, toothy maw bit into her calf. She was rushed to the hospital, where officials couldn't identify the wound. More people were bit over the following months, but soon the "Lake Erie Chomper" seemingly disappeared back into the murky depths of Lake Erie, never to be seen again.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

The Lake Erie Chomper has no real physical description, because it is known only from bites. People who studied the wounds saw that they looked like cookie-cutter shark bites.


Some people have thought that the Chomper could have been an exotic pet that someone let loose in the lake, like a piranha or shark. Other scientists feel that it is a new species of fish. Others think the Chompers could be juvenile Bessie.

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