Kasai Rex
Description Living dinosaur
First Sighting 1932
Last Sighting 1932 (rumors of other sightings)
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Habitat Swamps, jungles
The Kasai Rex is a living fossil from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Reported roughly 20 times, the Kasai Rex is doubted because the 2 most famous sightings were accompanied by hoaxed images.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

The Kasai Rex is described as roughly 40 feet long, with a body like that of a Tyrannosaur. The creature's legs are powerful, and built for speed. The Kasai Rex is red, with black vertical stripes. It is known to hunt, kill and eat rhinos.


The Kasai Rex is thought to be some form of living Tyrannosaur, related to Tyrannosaurus or Tarbosaurus. Despite the small number of credible sightings, the Kasai Rex is generally regarded as a hoax.

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