The Jersey Devil is a massive, dragon-like cryptid from the woods of New Jersey. Legend says a pregnant woman expecting her 13th child cursed the coming baby, so it was born a monster. It then ate its mother, and flew off into the woods.

Appearance & Description Edit

The Jersey Devil is a large, flying cryptid. Its size is typically 2-7 feet tall, but it can be as large as a house. It resembles a classic dragon, but there are some differences. These include the Jersey Devil's equine (horse-like) face and hooves, as well as its horns and human like arms. There are some variations on the creature's basic design: sometimes the Jersey Devil has a more human face, sometimes the arms are just another set of legs, and sometimes it glows in the dark.

Theories/Explanations Edit

One scientist from the Smithsonian suggested that the Jersey Devil is a species of surviving pterosaur. Others suggest an unknown bat species. The size variations are placed on different ages or sexual dimorphism.


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