Grunch Road Monster
El Chupacabra
Description Reptilian Humanoid
First Sighting Native legend
Last Sighting Semi-frequent
Country U.S.A.
Habitat Louisiana swamps
Often just shortened to Grunch, the Grunch Road Monster is a Chupacabra from New Orleans, Louisiana. They have been seen since the founding of the city; but, recently, they were pushed into northern Louisiana by Hurricane Katrina.

Alleged photograph

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

The Grunch Road Monster is a 3-4 foot tall, bipedal, goat-like being. Grunches are typically black or grey, but there are reports of white (albino?) Grunches. Also, most artistic depictions are of green creatures, so that color can't be discounted either. The Grunch Road Monster has horns, spines, or quills covering its back, and glowing eyes.

Theories and ExplanationsEdit

Theories explaining the Grunch Road Monster include a new reptile species, a genetic experiment, or aliens.

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