The Emela-Ntouka (translating to Elephant Killer) is a dinosaur-like cryptid from Africa. The creature's name comes from its tendency to kill elephants, people, or any other creatures that enter its territory.


Appearance Edit

The Emela-Ntouka resembles the prehistoric Triceratops. It has a large, bulky gray body, and a humped back. It is described as slightly larger than an elephant. Its key feature is its one, large horn. The Emela-Ntouka emits a roar or growl, and eats plants


The Emela-Ntouka is thought to be a new species of rhino, or a living ceratopsian dinosaur. Scientists say that its horn would be the key tool to discovering what the Emela-Ntouka really is. If the horn is ivory, that makes the horn a tusk, and the beast related to elephants. If it is bone, that makes the creature a living fossil, because dinosaurs had horns of bone.

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