On the verge of the 100th Cryptid Tidbits Wiki page, I (Man Wolf) decided to make a list of rules. More may be added!!


Creation of pages

Cryptids that shouldn't have pages created

  • Mythological creatures, aliens, Fearsome Critters, etc. do not get pages. Pages about these creatures will be deleted
  • If a cryptid goes by multiple names (River Dinosalso go by River Lizards, Prairie Devils, etc.), only the most popular name requires a page
  • Leave a message on my (or any other admin's) talk page with why you think a creature in these categories deserves a page, and we might just think about it!

Cryptids that should get pages

  • Cryptids without pages


  • All cryptid pages should have the following format: Introduction (no header) Appearance & Description, and Theories/Explanations
  • Hoaxes and former cryptid pages should follow the same format as above, but without Theories/Explanations


  • No repeats of categories (Category:Aquatic Cryptids already exists; there is no need for Category:Water Cryptids)
  • Only add categories that are needed and/or fit the page


  • Only add photos that fit the page
  • Don't add repeated images

General rules

  • Do not post comments, blog posts or pages that could be taken as offensive to other Wiki users
  • Breaking rules once will result in a warning, breaking the same rule will result in a temporary ban, breaking the same rule a 3rd time will result in permanent banning