The Cape Sable Serpent is an extremely strange cryptid from off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. While the creature hasn't been sighted in 15+ years, it does live in the ocean. It could have just moved away from the shoreline.

Appearance & Description Edit

The Cape Sable Serpent was 50 feet long, with blood red eyes on stalks and tusks. It had grayish, snakelike skin covered in lumps. It had a tail like a fish. The overall appearance of the face can be likened to seahorses.

Theories/Explanations Edit

While the Cape Sable Serpent could be a new species of seahorse, like some have suggested, it is larger than any known seahorse ever. A more likely theory is that it is a strange form of Zeuglodon (prehistoric whale). Others say it could live up to its name and be an extremely large sea snake.