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The Bunyip is an Australian cryptid that has a rather muddled depiction. Its existence was known to Aboriginals as well as settlers. It swims up rivers, and is sometimes found in lakes.

Appearance & Description[]

Said to be approximately the size of a calf, with a canine-like features and a coat of shaggy hair, this animal has also been depicted as having tusks, fins, scales, claws, wings, a long tail and even feathers. As if the creature’s appearance weren’t strange enough, the Bunyip was said to lay turtle-like eggs in a platypus nest, while subsisting on a diet which varied from crayfish to human beings. It was also said that its guttural growl was akin to a sonic “boom,” which inspired terror in the locals who were often woken in the dead of night by its nefarious cry.


While the varied descriptions may seem absurd, only the Bunyip's head is normally seen, so the more eccentric depictions may be more centered in mythology than fact .A popular explanation of the Bunyip is that it's a seal that wandered in to freshwater by accident. Other theories say it could be an unknown form of aquatic marsupial.