Bessie, also known as South Bay Bessie, is an extremely vicious monster of North America's Lake Erie. Lake Erie is one of the 5 Great Lakes, so it is very large. An example of a Bessie was supposedly captured alive in 1931, but it was never delivered into scientific hands. Some people have connected Bessie to the Lake Erie Chomper reports.

Appearance & Description Edit


A lamprey eel-like approach at Bessie

There are 2 types of Bessie reports. One fits the popular "Loch Ness Monster" reports, with a long neck and multiple humps. The other is like a sturgeon, with a snakelike form and a fish tail.

Theories/Explanations Edit

The most popular explanation for Bessie is that it's a surviving plesiosaur. Others think that the creatures are sturgeon-like fish. The third and final theory connects Bessie to animals like lamprey eels.