Description Plesiosaur
First Sighting Native legend
Last Sighting Modern day
Country U.S.A.
Habitat Altamaha River

Also called "Altie", the Altamaha-ha is a cryptid from the Altamaha river in Georgia. It resembles a plesiosaur. Like many cryptids, it has been seen for far longer than the modern age by natives to the region, but the first actual sightings surfaced around 250 years ago.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

Altie resembles a typical plesiosaur (long neck, small head, round body). However, there are some differences, including Altie's lack of back flippers, and its diamond-finned tail.

Theories/Explanations Edit

Like Nessie and Champ, most people think Altie is a relict plesiosaur, evolved to live in freshwater.